Using Scrum Educational Experience

Scrum Educational Experience Hack Resources

Our mission is to help teachers, social enterprises and students to benefit the most from hackathon-like events. You are welcome to use all of the information below freely for any educational purposes. If you are interested in more resources, SEE event customised design, SEE-certified facilitator for your hackathon or you would like to use SEE model for commercial purposes (that includes charging participants to attend your event or earning money from sponsorships) or if you need support facilitating, please contact Aga directly at to discuss the details.

  1. Copy the board so you can edit it
  2. Read through all the materials and think about the structure of your sprints.
  3. Add your schedule and any organisational information to your “Schedule + Instructions” card. Make sure you share the judging criteria and pitching rules with everyone before they start working.
  4. Edit each SPRINT card as follows:
    1. Check the deliverables against your hack goals. Add/remove when needed
    2. Upload resources supporting participants to complete each task
    3. Add any sponsor’s information in the card description (you can have a sponsor for each sprint)

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