SEE NEW TALENT HACK (aged 20-25)

SEE New Talent focuses on University students and professionals working at large corporations. At our hackathon-like events, which last between 1 and 5 days, we facilitate collaboration between people from worlds of tech and business, so they can skillshare and learn from each other. A simple approach based on sprints and challenges helps them to understand agile methodologies, innovation sourcing and how they can understand each other and become more efficient.

Agile Training

We organise hackathons with challenges built around the current problems your organisation is facing. Participants work on a predesigned structure that helps them approach the projects in a new, innovative way. The goal is to take everyone out of their original boxes and highlight different talents from various departments.

During SEE we work with teams, to approach projects from a more innovative and digital perspective, exposing them to some new tools, and training them on scrum methodologies. Each participant is exposed to alternative ways to manage projects, approach clients, prioritise time and take on tasks. The original focus is on education and individual development but very often SEE can be treated as an innovation sourcing project.


SEE is an innovative recruitment tool. We use it as probably one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to source new talent. If recruitment is the focus, in addition to current employees, we invite young people on our database to attend the workshops. These potential candidates can bring innovation, showcase their skills and learn more about the organisation. Using our simple evaluation model that can be tweaked depending on organisational goals, your HR department and other employees can evaluate participants. Based on the assessment during the hackathon they could be offered placements, apprenticeships or full time employment.

For me, hatch4good was far more than a one-off it event. It offered the most unique opportunity to meet and work alongside some truly exceptional individuals ranging from the members of the organizing team to the participants, judges, guest speakers and facilitators, particularly Kim and Aga. Hatch4good was an amazing learning experience that helped me grow enormously and brought me skills that I never could have learnt in the classroom.
Participant, Hatch4go


"It was not merely a hackathon but a two-day project development workshop in order to bring our idea come to live practically and effectively. This is crazy awesome!!"

"To put it shortly, Hatch London was the best hackathon I have ever attended".

Participant,Hatch by She Can Code and UCLE,https://medium.com/@linuk/the-best-hackathon-i-have-ever-attended-f4fea53b0b37



We learnt a huge array of new skills including reaching out to sponsors, organizing logistics, working with a team and organizing and branding an entirely new event and convincing people it was both legitimate and worth their weekend!

Organiser, Hach4good