SCRUM Educational Experience – Developing confident and professional mindsets ready to add value to the Tech industry. We use Agile methodologies and hackathons to educate. Our Scrum Educational Experience powered events introduce innovation, openness to change and improve digital skills. We collaborate a lot of time visiting schools and universities. Our goal is to inspire students to technology and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Our network consists of experienced professionals and mentors helping us to create and deliver development programs, employability courses, and work placements that focus on developing skills in the areas of digital business creation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Each participant of our programmes is supported in the creation of their professional profile and we prepare them for the world of work with the focus on the tech industry.


This stage of Scrum Educational Experience focuses on STEM subjects and is aimed at students at 12-15 years old. These hackathon-like events, which can last one or two days, aim to inspire teenagers into technology, reveal their entrepreneurial spirit and help them to choose GCSE subjects.

We focus on creativity, communication, action, a business mindset and confidence – whilst always linking back to the theme of tech and entrepreneurship. Students will learn new skills, both professional and personal, in an environment that gives them a real insight into the world of work. By adopting a hackathon approach, we are able to bring to life subjects students may have previously been unfamiliar with with and create fun, engaging activities that will simultaneously inspire and educate them.

They will leave the experience understanding how to brainstorm new ideas, test and develop products and pitch their brand with effective communication. In taking part, they will walk away with new found confidence and their eyes open to all the possibilities that lie within a career in tech.  


These Scrum Educational Experience sessions focus on employability and career development and are aimed at students at 15-19 years old, especially those attending further education colleges.

This is a professional development programme that can last anything between a few hours to a few months. The goal is to activate hidden potential and help young people in exploring the pool of jobs in technology that traditional education gives them limited access to. Our SEE The Future programme focuses on developing skills, creating a professional profile and preparing young people for the world of work.

The programme explores young people’s strengths, the opportunities they are interested in  and then equips them with the skills to bridge the gap between opportunity and career. We collaborate with recruitment companies and placements providers in order to train them in various innovative areas including FinTech, ProTech and EdTech, whilst always aiming to increase their confidence. .

In order to support teenagers at each stage of their development, we are proudly working in a very close partnership with Future Coders. Together, we prepare skilled and confident software developers by providing them with a high-quality, meaningful, project-based, work experience.


SEE New Talent focuses on University students and professionals working at large corporations. At our hackathon-like events, which last between 1 and 5 days, we facilitate collaboration between people from worlds of tech and business, so they can skillshare and learn from each other. A simple approach based on sprints and challenges helps them to understand agile methodologies, innovation sourcing and how they can understand each other and become more efficient.

During SEE we work with teams, to approach projects from a more innovative and digital perspective, exposing them to some new tools, and training them on scrum methodologies. Each participant is exposed to alternative ways to manage projects, approach clients, prioritise time and take on tasks. The original focus is on education and individual development but very often SEE can be treated as an innovation sourcing project.

SEE is also an innovative recruitment tool. If recruitment is the focus, in addition to current employees, we invite young people on our database to attend the workshops. These potential candidates can bring innovation, showcase their skills and learn more about the organisation, with the hope of securing a placement, apprenticeship or full time employment at the end of the programme.

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The latest addition to the I&I program, our Group and Online Coaching services will be launching in Autumn 2018.

I&I coaching has generally always taken a 1:1 approach, spread out over an extended period of time. This is the right approach for many of our clients, but for some this is an overwhelming prospect or something they would struggle to fit around their current schedule. We wanted to create an accessible, digestible but still extremely effective program that means we can take the I&I approach and help even more people, without being limited by time or location.


Our online professional development courses  will be focused on our BASICS methodology, equipping you with the fundamental life skills on which to build a sustainable and satisfying career. In signing up, you will gain access to a wealth of materials and seminars that you can access at a time convenient for you, so you can start weaving the lessons in to your everyday life as soon as possible.

Group Meetups

Our meetups and group workshops will follow the same BASICS methodology but in a more interactive and casual setting. Not only will you be able to meet with your coach and attend live seminars, but you will also meet a host of like minded people facing similar professional challenges to you. In this safe and inspiring place, you will be  able to share your deepest concerns and most ambitious goals, and learn from each other in these collaborative sessions. 

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With our wealth of business experience, we are able to give growing businesses strategic advice, tangible solutions and a different perspective, to help them at a crucial time in their development.

Value Propositions

Your start up’s value proposition is arguably the most important part of your marketing strategy. A strong and clear value proposition is essential for not only attracting clients and customers, but for impressing investors and securing you funding. When trying to create an effective proposition, that captures the essence of your company whilst avoiding tired buzzwords,  an outside opinion can be invaluable.

I&I specialises in helping companies create robust value propositions which are guaranteed to help boost your business. Our expertise in marketing, pitching businesses and startup accelerator programmes gives us the insight needed to give your VP a competitive edge.

Innovative Thought

Whilst you and your team may work brilliantly together, and be full of great ideas, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can give a unique perspective you didn’t know you needed. For many, working in a startup is all consuming, and you are often too close to your offering to see the opportunities, and the risks.

Whether it’s a problem that needs solving or a new idea you need tested, we can help. I&I can facilitate brainstorming sessions and give their objective opinion on your problem or product, helping to encourage innovative thought and create well rounded businesses.

Work Life Balance

When building a business it is easy to fall into habits that can be detrimental to your mental well being. Long hours, stressful deadlines and a lack of security are all part and parcel of start up life, but managed correctly they don’t have to impact your life outside of work.

Our start up consultations can empower you with skills and advice in areas including time management, task priority and switching off.  One of the main aims of I&I is to help you be successful whilst still maintaining a balanced lifestyle and enriched well being – and this is never more important than when you are building your own company.

Interim Positions

It’s no surprise that running a growing business can be draining both professionally and personally, as you try and be everything to everyone and still strive for success. There may be occasions when you need to step away, but with lean teams it can be difficult to do so without knowing the company is in safe, and experienced, hands.

Whether you have family circumstances to attend to, are travelling to secure new funding, or simply need to refocus, we can be there so you don’t have to be. Experienced members of the I&I team are available for short term contracts, stepping in to help maintain the business whilst.