Primary Schools

The joy of learning.

SEE STEAM HACK (aged 8-15)

This stage of Scrum Educational Experience focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) subjects and is aimed at students at 12-15 years old. These hackathon-like events, which can last one or two days, aim to inspire teenagers into technology, reveal their entrepreneurial spirit and help them to choose GCSE subjects. The program focuses on:


The IDEATION stage encourages students to brainstorm solutions to solve problems presented. The sky’s the limit!


The TESTING stage is dedicated to speaking to potential users. We cover various methods and gather feedback about solutions online and offline.

Taking Action

The PROTOTYPING stage helps in developing products using lean methodologies. Paper, laptops, phones, acting – all resources are encouraged!

Business Mindset

The ACTIVATION stage looks at different business models and marketing tools. It teaches the students about managing money and helps the in understanding business.


The PITCHING stage is all about presenting in a simple, structured way. It focuses on brand building and confident communication.