Pilot SEE event at Inspiration Day in Barking & Dagenham College

Inspiration Day is the highlight of National Apprenticeship Week and an opportunity for students to participate in a full day of competitions in various curriculum areas from construction, marketing, web design, ICT, Business Studies and more.

During the event, we tested SCRUM Educational Experience. Teenagers were building the website in 6 hours, following the structure below:


  1. Challenge introduction
    • Task introduced by the facilitator
    • List the deliverables
  2. Sprint
    • Task is completed
    • Typically 30 minutes at schools and longer with adults.
  3. Retrospective
    • Facilitator-led feedback and discussion


  1. Problem Research
  2. Solution Testing
  3. Prototyping
  4. Coding
  5. Business Model
  6. Pitch

Our idea was to inspire young people into technology and develop their entrepreneurial skills. The pilot was successful and started a series of subsequent ones!



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