Group and Online Coaching

The latest addition to the I&I program, our Group and Online Coaching services will be launching in Autumn 2018.

I&I coaching has generally always taken a 1:1 approach, spread out over an extended period of time. This is the right approach for many of our clients, but for some this is an overwhelming prospect or something they would struggle to fit around their current schedule. We wanted to create an accessible, digestible but still extremely effective program that means we can take the I&I approach and help even more people, without being limited by time or location.


Our online professional development courses  will be focused on our BASICS methodology, equipping you with the fundamental life skills on which to build a sustainable and satisfying career. In signing up, you will gain access to a wealth of materials and seminars that you can access at a time convenient for you, so you can start weaving the lessons in to your everyday life as soon as possible.

Group Meetups

Our meetups and group workshops will follow the same BASICS methodology but in a more interactive and casual setting. Not only will you be able to meet with your coach and attend live seminars, but you will also meet a host of like minded people facing similar professional challenges to you. In this safe and inspiring place, you will be  able to share your deepest concerns and most ambitious goals, and learn from each other in these collaborative sessions. 

For more information and to be the first to hear when this programme is released, sign up here.