Scrum Educational Experience with focus on employability and career development is directed at 15-19 years old students, especially the ones attending further education colleges. It is a professional development programme that can last anything between a few hours to a few month. The goal is to activate hidden potential and help young people in exploring the pool of jobs in technology that they have no contact with through traditional education. Our SEE The Future programme focuses on developing skills, creating the professional profile and preparing young people for the recruitment process and the world of work.

Employability Training
Based on exploring what young people are good at, seeing what they opportunities are and then filling the gap what they are missing in order to do a particular job. We collaborate with recruitment companies and placements providers in order to train them in various innovative areas including FinTech, ProTech and EdTech.

Confidence Coaching
At I&I, we believe that having skills and knowledge is a great start. However, what’s much more important is the ability to activate the theory in practice. With the support of our partners, we create a safe environment for students to test their skills and build confidence while working on real projects.

Practical Placements for College Students in collaboration with


In order to support teenagers on each stage of their development, we are proudly working in a very close partnership with Future Coders. Together, we prepare skilled and confident software developers by providing them with a high-quality, meaningful, project-based, work experience.