Non tech person as a Hackathon facilitator? – SEE event at Allia 08.12.2017

When I first ventured into the world of Hackathons I was unsure that my background in humanistic studies would suit a tech environment. I quickly found this was not the case and would like to share with you what I have learnt during my journey.

The first thing I came to understand was that roles requiring specific technical knowledge make up a fraction of those available in the industry. Departments such as Sales, Marketing, Data Analysis, and HR are staffed by individuals with different skill sets. At our events like Hackathons, we educate young people on the range of roles available and allow them to experience each of them.

The SCRUM Educational Experience is central to the Hackathons we organise. Using SCRUM Educational Experience as a framework we set young people challenges based on real-world problems and they work in teams to develop a product before presenting it to the group. This process shows them the multiple steps and variety of skills required to create a tech product and bring it to market. It is through this that our Hackathons provide insight into tech industry careers.

The level of engagement by facilitators and teachers taking part in the Hackathon always needs to be high. By enthusiastically guiding the students through the task I am always impressed by the level of creativity displayed and how working on an authentic problem brings out their team working skills.

I think is essential to share this format and organise more Hackathons at schools. It offers an excellent opportunity to inspire the next generation of tech industry experts by giving young people a taste of the diverse nature of the industry.

Another SEE event for Year 9 students from Sedgehill School took place at Allia 08.12.2017. The event was coordinated by Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and the goal was to present students SCRUM Educational Experience and inspire them into the tech industry. Students spent a whole day at Allia Future Business Centre to understand what is a co-working and incubation space. They also saw how entrepreneurs work in a place like that. Some of them shared their story and present their startups what was incredibly inspiring and helped children understand how important is technology nowadays. 

Commitment, passion, technology and sharing these with children was a great experience.

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