Whilst I&I may be based on research and experience, at its heart it is about people. The success of I&I is founded on its coaches, mentors, training facilitators, and volunteers, who combine their industry knowledge and wealth of experience with a real passion for helping people fulfill their potential.


Innovation and Integration was originally founded in 2010, by Aga Gajownik and her business partner, Danish psychologist Ditte Ylva Lisesdatter, with the aim of bringing a truly academic and psychological approach to coaching. Together, they created I&I Formula that became a base for all the benefits and  the transformative power of their work with clients. In 2012 their partnership ended when Ylva went back to Denmark to pursue her career in psychology and Aga continued working with hundreds of would-be entrepreneurs and individuals looking to either change or enhance their careers.  

In 2014, Aga was headhunted to move to Brazil and I&I was put on hold whilst she spent time in South America, learning more about startup culture and the challenges that come with building businesses, On her return to London, Aga was an in demand contractor and mentor in the tech industry, and reactivating I&I was the natural next step. She brought together all of her experience across technology, coaching and business strategy to reinvigorate the business and create the I&I of today.

I&I now encompasses a wide range of coaching and training services, from the educational hack events to start up consulting. Always taking a holistic view on career progression, I&I also teamed up with nutritionist Iwona Kibil to to create Busy Healthy Woman –  a health and wellness brand that gives nutritional advice to help women maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle whilst pursuing their professional goals. We work with a number of organisations, including  schools, universities and charities like Stephen Lawrence Trust, to reach a wide variety of people, bridge the digital skill gap , and promote diversity. 


Aga Gajownik

Founder of Innovation and Integration Ltd., trainer, coach and a public speaker, who connects with people of all ages and backgrounds, anywhere from school assembly halls to TEDx stages.

In 2009, whilst completing her degree in Management with French, Aga was elected as a Students’ Union President, a post that fuelled her passion for social change and inspired her to help people. She began coaching in 2010, with a key focus on working with women entrepreneurs internationally.

In 2014, she moved to Belo Horizonte, where she set up an acceleration programme for StartupBrasil and worked with SEBRAE (National Agency for Entrepreneurship Development), travelling to universities in remote areas of Brazil to inspire students and help professors to bring tech and entrepreneurship into their classrooms. While working, she completed a Management in a Virtual Environment Master’s degree in 2015.

Aga is a creator of BASICS, I&I and SEE models designed to develop social entrepreneurs. Back in London, she is recognised as an industry expert with real business acumen and a strong commercial mind. She runs educational hackathons, coaches women and consults startup founders and established business. She specialises in developing teams and creating robust value propositions.

Agnieszka Kurzawa

Agnieszka has always had a strong interest in helping people better themselves, and the psychology that goes behind it. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy, Agnieszka went on to complete a Master’s, specialising in career advice and vocational guidance.  She began working with The Polish Psychologists Association organising workshops for both their Women’s Academy and Learning and Development projects, and later in her career returned to give her own talks on subjects including communication and relationships.

Agnieszka met Aga when she was looking for some career guidance. In her own words ‘what she thought would be a quick chat, became a long journey’ and in April 2017 Agnieszka began working alongside Aga at I&I. Agnieszka specialises in coordinating workshops, mentoring at Hackathons and organising events and training courses for those in the I&I network and beyond. She also runs her own jewellery business, The Little Things, so is well versed in the challenges that come with running a company and juggling a multi-hyphenate career.