Supporting ambitious people in their personal and professional development.

Scrum Educational Experience (SEE) – inspirational hackathon frameworks for young people.
BASICS – guided personal development acceleration programme for busy professionals
I&I – strategic business coaching for aspiring and active entrepreneurs
We believe the potential for entrepreneurship is in everyone. We specialise in engaging, educating and supporting people to realise their strengths and achieve their goals. We are passionate about bringing the worlds of technology, business, and coaching together to encourage innovative thinking, develop a portfolio of key skills and teach you how to integrate these in to all areas of your life. Our unique blend of services is able to support both personal and professional development at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurial journey

When still at school...Every successful entrepreneur was once a young person with a bright idea. The traditional education system is not always able to support entrepreneurial development or engage those in education with subjects such as technology and business. Our Scrum Educational Experience model offers hackathon-like workshops aimed at young people aged 12-25. These workshops develop a diverse pool of confident and professional mindsets ready to add value to the Tech industry.

Working on your ideas... We understand the challenges of finishing school or university and being unsure of the route you should take - It can be difficult to navigate the next steps. You may be lacking support to get a business idea off the ground or need some help and guidance as you carve out a less traditional career path. Our online coaching and group training workshops are there to help you find your passions and equip you with the skills to turn them in to real opportunities.

Let's get serious... Once your business has taken the leap from idea to reality, you may find you need more support than ever. I&I is able to assist with practical advice and industry expertise to ensure both you and your business flourish. Our wealth of experience in life and business coaching means our consultations also able to help keep your wellbeing a priority as you embark on this incredible entrepreneurial adventure.

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What our clients say

At that moment I realised that this hackathon was way more than another hackathon.

It was not merely a hackathon but a two-day project development workshop in order to bring our idea come to live practically and effectively.

This is crazy awesome!!

Jheng-Hao Lin (
Full-time Computer Science Student

As a fast-paced, overworked and 'do-it-all-myself' type of solo-founder, I found myself refreshed and at ease by Aga's constructive line of questioning, gentle reassurances, and solution-focus she carefully tailors to each type of client. Even in a few sessions, I could see a change in my thinking and approach to structure my thoughts, energy and time more effectively to work towards both personal and professional goals. 

Jillian Kovalchuk
CEO, Safe and The City
Aga is an inspiring person who loves people development.

I first met her on 2015, on a startup meetup in Brazil, where she took time to give us some pitching essentials. 
Her pro-activeness and charisma to help were amazingly motivating.
Recently (2017) I look up for her career advice. Her experience with professionals around the world was very helpful for me to clarify my goals and shape my career track.
I kindly recommend Aga's coaching to any person who is in need of professional advice.

Yugo Sakamoto

I have always heard how talented I was. Highest grades graduated with honors from all of my schools. I was a young musician entering the professional world, and I was sure I was ready for it. However, years kept passing, and I realized I was still running up and down between various schools and agencies instead of focusing on what I wanted and could do!!! That is when I met Aga, my "missing link" as I call her. She instantly pointed out how I kept jeopardising my work and passions and helped me to believe that anything can happen with the right knowledge, some planning, and an open mind. Aga is very engaging and has incredible energy. She stood out as a very hard working, carrying and assuring mentor. I literally could not resist following her advice what paid off with a great success!!! She turned my life around, 180 degrees right there and then. Working with Aga opened countless doors for my music career. With Aga came the shows, great projects, and many fans. I am now focused, confident and positive. Feeling excited about yet unknown opportunities that I am not afraid to take advantage of them. I am not scared of failing anymore! All that and much more reflected in my work and private life at the same time. Aga is my mentor for life !!!!!


 It was incredible working with Aga! She is such an inspiring person, and our meetings made me realize that my fears and insecurities were natural and that I could do more for me and my career if I wanted to. I also made a good friend for life...thanks for everything, dear!

Fernanda Abras
Founder and owner of Oblik Arquitetura e Interiores

Aga has great skills when it comes to business strategies. She helped our fintech startup with very relevant mentoring and consulting. While working with her, we set up a business model, developed our monetisation and scaling strategies. Her advice was very important for launching our project and for our product validation.

Melhor Cambio
Felipe Tayer Amaral
Aga is not a "Bla-blah-blah" person. When she tells you she can support you, it is done over expectations. Tools are ready for tomorrow, and effects are coming in the following weeks. Don't think she is too young to be a master. You will not believe how many things there are to do, that you didn't even know about. 

Aga helped me to prepare tools for my magazine to sell more and how to use events to get even more from each minute. Unbelievably effective!

Zaneta Geltz
Happy Evolution

Aga is the most helpful person regarding start-ups development I've met up to now. Apart from know-how and proper experience, she also provides mentoring in early stage's of start-up existence and help to get task oriented. All in order to start functioning in easy and effective way and start making profit asap. 

Additionally Aga can help with networking and provide her connections if needed. 

I kindly recommend Aga to all start-up entrepreneurs who, as usual, are struggling to organize everything in proper and efficient way.

Also much thanks for your help towards my start-up's Aga!

Rafal Pindral
International Trade Entrepreneur

As Techmall started to grow, Aga stepped in as the acceleration program manager. She established the first daily routines of start-ups' support. We guide the entrepreneurs to plan and to focus on the important tasks but we know, that they achieve the best results when they grow personally as well. Aga applied a profound coaching and entrepreneurial knowledge and directed the entrepreneurs through the first stages of their start-ups creation. The workshops and knowledge she provided helped entrepreneurs to reflect on their work and to plan their growth. It was a pleasure to work with Aga and to share and develop the ideas, needed to build a strong acceleration methodology. We always received a very positive feedback from our start-ups about her work, she always dedicated herself to each business as it was her own.

Andreas Flugs
CEO Techmall S/A and Diretor Industrial at CELER Biotecnologia S/A

I highly recommend Aga as a business coach. She is engaging, positive, and helps you look both inside yourself and at the bigger picture.

I went to Aga for business coaching when I wanted to progress to the next stage of my career with more clarity. Coming from a corporate background, I found Aga’s process refreshingly unexpected. With gentle questioning and an upbeat manner, we were able to identify some key points to work on. I came away from our sessions with a renewed sense of confidence and direction. 

Funmi Oyeneyin
Private Wealth Management Lawyer

Meeting someone who is passionate about their work is one of the greatest blessings anyone at the beginning of their career can get. I was fortunate enough to experience Aga's mentorship during Hatch4good hackathon. She was (and is) an engaging speaker, a motivating mentor and an inexhausible source of inspiration. She will make you to go far beyond your own expectations without you even realising it.

Eliska Klimentova
Undergraduate Student at University of St Andrews

I met Aga at the Hatch London SheCanCode hackathon event that she hosted. She is a very helpful, enthusiastic, and great person. She was very friendly to everyone in the event and always willing to help. Also, her SCRUM method was very smart and can help you make your project organised.

Georgios Klonos
Junior Salesforce Developer at Sapient i7

Aga's work was recommended to me when I looked for business trainers to work with non-formal learning professionals. Aga was very proactive and helped me a lot in preparation of an international four-day business communication workshop for NGOs and social enterprise workers. It was a pleasure working with her! Aga is very professional and approachable at the same time. We received a very positive response from participants about the training she delivered and I feel we've done together a very good job for the non-formal education sector.

Ewa Kornacka
"Europe for Citizens" Contact Point Coordinator

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