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Since 2010 we take all our clients on an INNOVATIVE journey of climbing pyramids of their personal development with a strong focus on INTEGRATING all achievements and changes in their life. In this journey we use unique tools created based on neuroscience, positive psychology, NLP, traditional coaching, cognitive psychology, philosophy, management and personal experience.


The I&I Pyramid has 6 steps. These are derived from merging several models including Maslow’s Pyramid of needs, the 6 neurological levels of NLP coaching and findings on character from positive psychology.Everyone has to make their way up starting from lower levels’ BASIC, BEHAVIOUR, SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE, throughto higher levels’ VALUES, BELIEFS and CONVICTIONS all the way to VIRTUES and finally VISION and CONTRIBUTION.

It is a very unique and individual journey that leads to self-discovery and developing innovative strategies to complete plans and achieving goals. Our programmes focus on providing our clients with practical tools that they can use in continuing their journey even after they finish working with us.


Imagine you have climbed a pyramid, on the way you have stumbled, stopped for a bit to enjoy the view and discovered your own capacity. Then finally you reach the top, and from there you see another bigger and more beautiful pyramid in the horizon and you get the overwhelming feeling that perhaps you can see the top of the world from over there.

However, to get there, you need to go to the ground, walk for a while and begin yet another climb. OK, so you begin the climb to the ground. Now, because you have already focused on the view, you begin noticing the texture of the stone, the small beautiful designs that time has created with wind and sand… You realise, how much you missed on the way up.

You might see it as a process of beauty, sorrow or frustration, but in any case, chances are that you will be so absorbed with this that for a while you completely forget that other pyramid waiting for you. Once your feet hit the ground, then, you can turn around and focus on the journey yet to come. You have gotten full extent of your experience by re‐acquainting yourself with everything you have seen on the way up, digested the impressions and now, finally, you can continue.


The first pyramid to climb is that of personal development, the one where you focus on yourself. It is often said that you need to love yourself before you can love others and that you have to give yourself what you want to give to others. The I&I incorporates this notion by assuring that the first thing which is being focused upon is you.

The second pyramid is that of relation. It focuses on your relationship with others, may that be family, a partner, friends or colleagues. As a human being you are dependent on your social network to function, in fact evidence indicates that relationships are one of the primary contributors to personal wellbeing and life satisfaction.

The final pyramid is of trascendence. At I&I we believe that once personal and relational issues are sorted out, a natural interest in extending beyond ones immediate environment emerges. To some extent this is where the more philosophical aspects of the model appear as little actual evidence is available on this issue besides the anecdotal. An extensive discussion on this can be found in the book following the third pyramid which is currently in the process of being produced.

The Valley of Pyramids is a place in perfect balance and where everything has its natural relationship with something else. Having exhausted the opportunities you have at the level of having integrated contribution, you cannot achieve more being as you are. You will have to return to looking at yourself and develop even further. It becomes a lifelong road to a lifetime of happiness and dynamism.