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How women entrepreneurs make things happen

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    Group Workshops

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    Operarting Internationally

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    Packages based on Innovation and Integration

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    Supporting young women entrepreneurs

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Success Stories

Silvia, Graphic Designer

Another success story!!! Meet Silvia, interior designer talking about focusing on following dreams and becoming an entrepreneur.

I’m an interior designer and I love my profession. In the past I always worked for myself. 15 years ago I went to live in another city and had the opportunity to be a teacher of an Interior Designer Professional Course. After that I worked in furniture stores.



From Anna, Land Surveyor, MSA (Anna took advantage of working with Ylva on building her base and then with Aga on her employability):

I graduated in September 2010 from the Department of Geodesy and Cartography Warsaw Technical University.
A month before graduation, I found a very attractive position working at the Czajka Wastewater Treatment Plant -I did not say that it was attractive in
all respects. The building site was the largest in Central Europe; professionally, I could not get a better experience.



From Ania, Waitress (Ania took advantage of working with Aga on building her base):

I have been working as a waitress for the past 7 years. I do it because I truly love working with people. Creating a great experience for every customer is very rewarding; however working in hospitality is very demanding. Long shifts require not only physical strength but also ability to cope worth strass very well.