SCRUM Educational Experience

Developing confident and professional mindsets ready to add value to the Tech industry.

We are I&I - Innovation and Integration Ltd., a company that uses Agile methodologies and hackathons to educate. We created Scrum Educational Experience powered events to introduce innovation, openness to change and improve digital skills.

 Services offered include SEE (Scrum Educational Experience) powered events and hackathons, training and coaching. 



Resources for Teachers and Tech Industry Professionals


Employability Training and Confidence Coaching


Recruitment Hackathons and Agile Training

Inspiring Young People

At I&I, we collaborate a lot of time visiting schools and universities. Our goal is to inspire students into technology and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Our network consists of experienced professionals and mentors helping us to create and deliver development programs, employability courses, and work placements that focus on developing skills in the areas of digital business creation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Each participant of our programmes is supported in the creation of their professional profile and we prepare them for the world of work with the focus on the tech industry.


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